Carpet Cleaning in Cumbria

Saturday 11 February 2017

Within the next couple of weeks I will have undertaken professional training by the National Carpet Cleaners. On this website and our business Facebook page, you will find them regularly referred to as the NCCA.  They are a much respected trade body and to be a member you also have to pass an examination and adhere to following there excellent code of conduct.

This week I have taken delivery of one of the most powerful portable carpet cleaning machines on the market today,  the Airflex Storm.

This powerful extraction machine will ensure that as near to 100% of contaminants are removed from your fabrics.  In a post to follow, I will describe briefly the multi stage cleaning process that will be deployed to clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery.  My processes ensure that dirt, pollen, oils and other contaminants are removed from the deepest part of the fabric.  This is important as some machine, especially retail rental machines, only clean the surface.  I also use 100% detergent free solutions that are environmentally, pet and child friendly.  This ensures that the smallest members of the family can have an unplanned nap.

Give me a call today and I will happily visit your home or premises to carry out a detailed inspection from which you will receive a personalise quotation.

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