Deep Burns

Tuesday 02 July 2019

This lovely repeat client approached us to inquire if it was possible to make their kitchen worktops better.  A survey visit was arranged and we discussed the condition.  Most of it was wear and tear plus some water marks around the Belfast sink area.  Beside the cooker was a deep burn mark which had been caused by a hot stove kettle being put down accidentally.  Expectations for this area were low so I was looking forward to the challenge. 



wooden worktop




Challenge accepted, key picked up and the client went off for a short break. The process began with 36 grit red heat discs which were used on our floor edging machine. A versatile machine which we regularly use for the first cut on worktops. Everything started well then I arrived at the burn mark which took a little work but BOOM, it was gone. You can feel that area is not as level as the rest but that is a small price to pay to have the damage removed. worktop damage removed The rest of the sanding process took place and methodically the grit ladder was climbed. Again this began at 36, 40, 60, 80 and finally 100 grit. Most worktops supplied are pre finished to a 150 grit. Personally I feel this is too high as worktops are finished with a penetrating oil and you want this to penetrate as deeply as possible for maximum protection. The customer had previously been provided with a product from the installation company. This product like many was tinted so this hid the natural beauty of the timber. I then proceeded to water pop the worktops. This is a process where a controlled amoutn of water is added to the timber which raises the grain and allows the oil to penetrate correctly. For this worktop I repeated this process twice as I felt with the level of usage it, it would be worth the additional time. Pallmann Magic Oil 2K was then used to nourish and protect the worktops. This is a 2 part product and is highly resistent to wear and household chemicals (never use bleech!). To make the product extra durable, double the normal amount of hardener is added. The product is dry in just a few short hours and fully cured in only 12 hours! This meant the worktops could be used as soon as the client returned home.










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