Original Victorian Floor Restored

Sunday 26 August 2018

We were asked to restore this Original Victorian floor in Barrow-In-Furness by the seller of a property as a surprise for the new owner.  The entire property had been renovated to a high standard but the hallway floor had been exposed to building dust, paint and soiling.  


Victorian Floor in Barrow-In-Furness

Original Victorian Floor cleaned and sealed in Barrow-In-Furness


We powered up our heavy duty floor and attached our diamond impregnated 17-inch brush head.  A splash guard was used to protect the new paint and fresh skirting boards.  The cleaning solution picked was a safe acid based product which I felt would deal with the paint spillages and the building dust and soiling.  The floor was rinsed and then a second clean was carried out using a PH neutral product to neutralise the floor.  The floor was looking quite good at this point and the edges were worked on manually  with some mildly abrasive  brushes.  


Ddeep clean stage on this Original Victorian Floor

A quarry tile floor in need of restoration


We have worked on several floors of the same design so we knew how the floor would look once dried and after an application of our Premium Colour Enhancing Sealant.  A deep machine clean removes as close to 100% of soiling, grease and grime.  The visual effect is that the colours in the tiles are lighter and paler.  The Colour Enhancing Sealant rejuvenates the colours while making them richer and deeper.  This floor was left to dry for 4 days upon which I returned, took moisture readings and proceeded to apply the sealant.  The end result was one that I hope the new owner enjoys in their new home.


tiles deep cleaned and then sealed professionally

victorian floor deep cleaned, sealed and restored in Cumbria


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