Original Victorian Mosaic Floor

Sunday 05 August 2018

I had already recently worked on a local teacher's Original Victorian floor who upon completion of the work had kindly referred me to her father.  A free survey visit was arranged which included a demonstration clean.  I was surprised and amazed to be presented with such an intricate and beautiful floor.


It was decided that there would be some glue removal followed by a deep clean using our Italian Conan Rotary machine.  Following this our Premium Colour Enhancing Sealant was applied which subtly rejuvenated the colours and completed the finish.  This wonderful client was then supplied with our own tile and stone cleaning product.




The customer told me a story that when he purchased the house something seemed familiar but thought nothing of it.  It transpired that the house was once a local doctors surgery and the customer's mother used to bring him there as a small child.  I found this fascinating as it meant he has a connection with the property. 


The stories behind Victorian-era properties are always fascinating to hear.



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