Pine Floor A Lost Cause?

Tuesday 02 July 2019

The client approached us to find out if it was viable to restore the original pine boards in her home, which was built around the 1870s.  The front room boards had the traditional black coating around the edges which can be tough to remove as abrasives become clogged and as they heat up it just spreads it.  Luckily we use Cubitron II British made abrasives which get around this issue.  The sanding process also levels of the boards and takes everything back to the bare timber.  The rear room was a little different and required the old finish to be removed plus the repair of a major hole in one of the boards.  The cause was an old computer chair and it had originally been repaired with Polyfilla. 

pine flooring to be sanded and sealed

The old varnish was to be removed by the our sander

It took quite a number of days to get the floors in the correct condition for the choice of finish to be applied.  Initially the client wished for a dark stain to be applied.  However upon seeing the beauty of the raw timber they had a change of heart and wished for the bare timber look to be preserved.  This was achieved by adding a custom amount of white pigment to the Pallmann Oil Primer which primed and stained the floor.  We applied 3 or 4 different combinations for the client to choose from.  The primer had to be left on the floor for 24 hours before the Pallmann Lacquer could be applied.  We choose Pall - X Pure as the lacquer which is a two component product and is what we call a commerical graded wood lacquer.  This is applied in multiple applications and it is also low VOC and a safe water based product.  Pall X Pure also contain white pigment to keep the natural look of the wood following the priming stage.  

Pine floor sanded and sealed with high quality lacquer

pine floor sanded

sanded pine floor


The client was extremely pleased with the results and we were greatful for the feedback left via a review system.


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