Yorkshire Sandstone Restoration

Sunday 20 May 2018

We were called into a property in Ulverston.  The property was being fully updated/renovated for rental and it was a brilliant job by the landlords.  They had put in so much effort, time and money; much more than you normally see. They had discovered an old Yorkshire Sandstone floor in the kitchen area which they were hoping to keep.


yorkshire sandstone cleaned and sealed

The customer needed the work to be carried out to a tight deadline as they already had a move-in date for the new tenant.  I was happy to accomodate this for them and arranged access to the property during the evening. A deep clean was carried out and the floor left to dry out thoroughly.  It is very important when using impregnating sealants to let the stone dry thoroughly. Failure to do so will result in the sealant not bonding correctly with the stone.  The floor may look sealed but will not be correctly protected. We always take and record moisture readings to make sure everything is perfect prior to sealant application.

After the drying stage, the floor was left with a dusty look to it.  This is not uncommon and also happens with many types of slate. The good news is there is a solution to make the stone look outstanding.

At his stage the tenant move-in date was looming so I returned on another evening to seal the floor with our premium colour enhancing sealant.  This is our most popular sealant as it can dramatically change the look of natural stone and some man-made tiles such as quarry tiles.


After a late few hours, the floor was finished at 10.30pm.  As the landlords were not present it was a tense wait to see if they were happy with the floor.  I was very glad when they messaged to say how “amazing” the floor was looking and how surprised they both were at the level of transformation.  We had to agree with them and were a little jealous that our home does not have such a floor.

sandstone cleaned and colour enhancing sealant applied

You can see the incredible colours and details in the sandstone.  Whereas if left in the natural state it looked dull and lifeless. This is what we can do for you, we can advise on finishes and show our own examples of work completed to help with the decision.  Best of all we are a local family business who believes firmly that if you live local, you buy local and you hire locally.

sandstone colour enhanced detail

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