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Our professional carpet cleaning in Barrow-In-Furness and the surrounding areas cannot be beaten on quality and customer service.



There are many reasons to have your carpets cleaned regularly.  If you also have an accident then it is important that it is dealt with correctly or staining could be permanent.


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Why have your carpets cleaned?


  • Professional carpet cleaning will prolong the life of the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning can increase the life of carpets significantly, protecting your investment.
  • It protects indoor air quality. Carpets trap airborne pollutants; however, eventually, those pollutants must be removed in order to protect the carpet and maintain indoor air quality.
  • Professional carpet cleaning makes carpets easier to maintain. Most carpet soiling is made up of dry soils; when carpets are kept thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, most dry soils can be removed with regular vacuuming.
  • Removes spots and stains. As with other soils, spots and stains can attract more soiling. Removing them promptly protects carpeting from damage.
  • Prevents the build-up of allergens and bacteria. Wet soiling of carpets can result in the build-up of several unhealthy contaminants.  If excessive moisture gets into the backing of the carpet, mould can grow fast.


We’ll move large furniture where possible beforehand (all we ask that you move small items and breakables). We’ll also place put your furniture back in place with tabs under wooden legs and stools for protection.












Types of carpet cleaning that we can provide you with.

  1. Full wet extraction with using our professional equipment. 
  2. Low moisture cleaning using specialist solutions and/or cleaning sponges.  Perfect for maintenance cleans.  Perfect for commercial carpets.
  3. Bonnet cleaning using our professional rotary which is also perfect for low profile carpets.




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