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What is slate?

Slate is a fine-grained and foliated type of metamorphic rock. It owes its fine-grained texture to its parent rock, shale. Shale, a type of sedimentary rock, consists of dominantly clay-sized particles (in geology, clay is a reference to particle size, not a reference to any resemblance to artist's clay), which create a smoother, finer-grained texture when exposed to low-grade metamorphic conditions. Slate can occasionally form as a result of metamorphism in volcanic ash deposits, although this is not as common as the shale-derived rocks. It also exhibits foliation, or layering, which again, is a result of the parent rock being subjected to metamorphism.

Slate is a very strong and durable rock, due largely to its metamorphic history, and as a result, has a variety of uses in construction and industrial applications. The majority of the world's slate is mined in Spain, Brazil, the northeastern United States, and in recent years, China.

Here in Cumbria, we are lucky enough to work on Burlington and Honister Slate. 


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Cleaning and Sealing of Slate


What can you expect from us in terms of service?  You can expect us to visit your property to survey the floor and discuss requirements.  If possible we will endeavour to carry out a sample clean so you have an idea of the results.


Following our initial visit, you will receive a full written quotation detailing the work to be carried out.  You will receive a recommendation of what sealer to choose based not on price but on suitability for your slate and the room it is installed in.


The day when work begins we will show up at the scheduled time.  Equipment will be unloaded, surfaces such as skirting boards taped up with protective tape and other flooring covered with protective sheeting. 

We only use professional equipment and cleaning solutions.  The bulk of our equipment comes from Italy which we consider a source of the very best floor care equipment.  The Italians are masters at floor care, especially Marble.

Please see these photos of slate work that has been carried out by us.  Slate can have a dusty look or if the slate has been cleaned with the incorrect solution then it can lose its colour.  This can be remedied by us applying a Premium Colour Enhancing Sealant.  This deepens the natural colours of the slate while enhancing the detail in the surface of the stone.


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