Tile, stone, grout cleaning and diamond polishing in Cumbria and Lancashire   


Natural Stone Polishing in Cumbria and Lancashire 

The natural stone over time marks with scratches from general wear and tear.  This normal and the damage can be removed through the correct polishing process.  This involves cutting back the stone using a diamond impregnated pad, honing powders or resin diamond pucks.  With either process once the damage has been removed from the stone the face of the stone needs to be closed back up.  This can be down to a matt, satin or gloss finish.  This is achieved with a mix of polishing powders and pads.  Following this, the stone is sealed with high-quality water or solvent-based sealer.  The exact conditions of the stone dictate the sealer as a solvent sealer is normally more suitable in kitchens where staining can be higher.

Natural stone polishing is much more cost-effective than replacement of the stone.  The polishing process can be carried out on stone such as Marble, Travertine, Limestone,  Terrazzo and other stones.  We are always happy to visit, survey the floor, discuss requirements and then follow up with a full quotation.  



Tile Cleaning and Sealing in Cumbria and Lancashire

General dirt can easily build up over time on your tile floor. As it builds up slowly you may not realise for a long time how bad the floor has become. A deep machine clean using the appropriate cleaning solutions, pads and brush heads is the perfect answer. Our industrial machine cuts through any dirt and grease and leaves a complete fresh surface. Depending on the area the tiles are in we will tape up skirting boards to protect them from excess moisture. Our machine is fitted with a splash guard which ensures that the dirt is kept firmly on the floor until it is removed with our wet vacuum system.

The tile area can then be dried quickly to allow sealing to take place.  However not every tile floor needs sealing.  You may have a ceramic, porcelain tile floor or the floor was sealed recently.

We are happy to visit to survey your tile floor for cleaning and then follow up with your personalised quotation.

One of our popular tile services is the restoration of Victorian-era geometric quarry floors.



Original Victorian Quarry Tiles Cleaning and Sealing in Cumbria and Lancashire

Original Victorian era floors are perhaps the most popular type of tiles that we get phone calls about.  In the Furness area, we are graced with a substantial amount of these floors.  Some have been damaged when central heating was installed in the '70s onwards.  Many luckily have not been damaged but still require and deserve professional restoration.

Often carpets, Marley tiles or other floor coverings will have been placed over the top from the 70s onwards.  This was around the time that Victorian tile floors fell out of style.  Adhesives used to stick the floor coverings down were generally oil or even bitumen based.  This can be time-consuming to remove without professional solutions.  We use those professional solutions and machinery to ensure that in most cases the heavy work takes just one to two days maximum.   Following this, the floor is also deep machine cleaning using a special restoration cleaner combined with honing powders.  Your floor will now be looking spectacular and whilst still wet the colours will be rich and beautiful.  As the tiles dry the colours will fade but do not fear.  Once the residual moisture is allowed to evaporate a Colour Enhancing Sealant is applied.  This rejuvenates the colours to create a rich colour palette. 

There are other sealant options available as some tiles retain the rich colours.  Sometimes you may wish for a more glossy look and so a wax coating can be applied.  This will need to be stripped off and reapplied at least every 12 months (sometimes sooner depending on the amount of foot traffic.)

Finding that original Victorian floor is always an exciting time and we look forward to helping you.  We are NUTS about floors.

original victorian tile floor cleaned and sealed in Barrow In Furness, Cumbria


Karndean, Amtico and Vinyl Cleaning and Sealing in Cumbria and Lancashire

Karndean, Amtico and Vinyl flooring is beautiful and is now available in a vast array of designs and colours.  As with other types of flooring a deep machine clean of the Karndean, Amtico and Vinyl can make all the difference.  In many circumstances, we can use a chemical-free cleaning option which is also perfect for your commercial locations such as hotel, restaurants, bars, schools, care homes and other locations.

We can also safely strip your Karndean, Amtico and Vinyl flooring of the old polish that they supply.  Following this your vinyl flooring can be dressed in a suitable finish, matt or gloss.  For high wear commercial areas there is the option of using a PU sealer which is highly resistant to wear from floor traffic.

This service is incredibly cost-efficient compared to replacing with like for like flooring.  We would be happy to visit, survey the flooring and follow up with your personalised quotation.  We are NUTS about floors.


karndean flooring stripped of the old coating, deep cleaned then sealed again.


We also clean and maintain the flooring within the Project John building on Cavendish Street, Barrow In Furness


The types of tile and stone that we service in Cumbria and Lancashire are;

☑️Travertine Cleaning 

☑️Limestone Cleaning

☑️Marble Cleaning

☑️Porcelain Cleaning

☑️Ceramic Cleaning

☑️Quarry Cleaning

☑️Granite Cleaning

☑️Concrete Cleaning

☑️Quartz Cleaning

☑️Terrazzo Cleaning

☑️Safety Flooring Cleaning

☑️Luxury Vinyl inc Amtico and Karndean Cleaning



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