Travertine Cleaning

What is Travertine?


Travertine is a type of limestone deposited by hot mineral springs called karst. The water movement from the springs erodes the travertine, creating holes in the stone. The structure of travertine can be likened to that of a honeycomb, where small pockets or cavities exist within the stone; these are exposed as holes in the surface when it's cut into tiles.

Travertine colours

Travertine mainly comes in light beige and tan colours, but dark brown chocolaty colours and silver travertine are available. Travertine has been used in the construction of buildings since before the Roman times.

You will find travertine being sold either in a natural state where the holes are still present or where the holes have been filled and honed smooth.  Travertine can also be supplied with a polished glossy shine.  This will lessen over time the more you walk on it with outdoor shoes.  We can diamond polish these tiles back up to a lovely sheen for you.

Cleaning and Sealing of Travertine


What can you expect from us in terms of service?  You can expect us to visit your property to survey the floor and discuss requirements.  If possible we will endeavour to carry out a sample clean so you have an idea of the results.


Following our initial visit, you will receive a full written quotation detailing the work to be carried out.  You will receive a recommendation of what sealer to choose based not on price but on suitability for your slate and the room it is installed in.


The day when work begins we will show up at the scheduled time.  Equipment will be unloaded, surfaces such as skirting boards taped up with protective tape and other flooring covered with protective sheeting. 

We only use professional equipment and cleaning solutions.  The bulk of our equipment comes from Italy which we consider a source of the very best floor care equipment.  The Italians are masters at floor care, especially Marble.

Please see these photos of Travertine work that has been carried out by us.  Travertine is a beautiful stone but requires care to keep it looking beautiful.  Diamond polishing of the stone is also an effective cleaning method as a small amount of the stone is removed from the surface, effectively making your tiles brand new again in condition.


travertine cleaning and polishing

travertine diamond polishing

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