Fire and Earth Slate Floor

Monday 04 June 2018

We were called to a property in Ulverston to take a look at what we identified as a Fire and Earth slate floor.  Upon discussion with the customer, it was discovered that tiles were originally purchased from Premier Tiles in Barrow In Furness.

During the survey, the customer revealed that a varnish product had been applied to give the floor shine.  With this being the incorrect product that shine did not last very long and as you can see from the photo it visually did not look how the customer wanted.


A test clean was carried out manually to see how best the varnish could be removed.  My instinct was that our high PH alkaline cleaner would break down the varnish. As you can see after only a minute the varnish was removed from a tile.  I was also relieved as if a solvent stripper has to be used it not only makes for a more difficult job but more importantly significantly increases the cost to the customer.


Fire and Stone slate floor Ulverston

I returned a couple of weeks later to carry out the stripping of the varnish and to deep clean the entire kitchen floor.  This was carried out with our top of the range Italian Conan machine combined with a soft to medium nylon brush head. The slate floor was then left to dry out for at least 24 hours.

The customer had asked for a high shine finish which I was able to accomodate.  A premium impregnating sealer was used to ensure that the slate tiles were correctly protected.  You can find out more about sealant choices on this blog post   This premium sealant will last up to 10 years depending on foot traffic.  To achieve the high shine finish another premium product was selected. This product is a surface dressing that was applied in two coats to ensure the high shine finish was achieved.  The additional benefit of this product is that it enhances the colours in the slate to create richer tones.


The customer was delighted with the finish and commented that the floor was looking better than when it was originally laid.  This was the best result as customer satisfaction is extremely important to us. We are a local company that enjoys building lasting relationships with all our customers.  

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