Wooden Floor Restoration

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Wood Floor Sanding and Refinishing

The thought of dust getting all over the house is enough to keep most people from wanting anything to do with floor sanding.  You may have experienced rental sanders, seen bad results or just don't have the time.  Your time is valuable.

Thanks to professional sanding and restoration, your wooden floors can come back to as good as new using dustless sanding technology.  Many clients testify that Steven creates floors that are better than new.

Every type of wooden flooring can be sanded and restored, no matter if it's pine, oak or teak. Every wooden floor should go through restoration at some point in its life cycle. This includes engineered wood floors too.

Squirrel Property has your back when you have any issues with your hardwood floors; Steven is experienced working on all types of woods for both domestic and commercial jobs.

So call us today so we can do a free estimate on restoring what could be your favourite room again!  


FAQ - Wooden Floor Sanding

How much does floor sanding cost?

Simply each project is different and priced individually.  Floor Sanding is normally more cost efficient than replacing the flooring with like for like.  

what is dustless floor sanding

My equipment is dustless which means that around 98% of the sanding dust is extracted.  Clients are always extremely impressed at the lack of dust when compared to using a rental sander.

how long does floor sanding take?

This depends on how large the wooden floor area is.  How badly damaged it is.  The finish you choose also affects the time.  For example, a normal sized front reception room may take 2 days to complete. 

What floor finishes are available?

Finishes available including floor stains, 1K and 2K varnishes, 2K oils and hardwax oils.  Dozens of colours are available including custom options.  I am happy to work with you to help match up the floor finish with the decor in the room.

How do I get a quote?

Get in touch via the form below or call me.  I am happy to provide an estimate or visit to survey the floor.  I will follow up with a full quotation.

Can you restore my floor without sanding

Many floors can be restored if damage such as scratches does not need removed.  Older oiled floors can generally be cleaned and re oiled.  Most lacquered floors do require sanding.  There are large risks to coating with additional lacquer. 

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"Steven transformed our birch floor, fantastic work, knows his stuff inside out and is also a really friendly guy. This is a different level to the results you can get from using the usual hire shop sanders. We nearly went down the hire shop route and I am so glad we didn't."

Wooden Floor Sanding and Restoration Projects

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