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Tile & Stone Floor Cleaning

Have your stone and tile floor cleaned and restored including limestone, travertine, marble and other natural stone polished.  

Have the scratches and damage removed with diamond polishing. Have the shine restored mechanically, safely and professionally. 

Have your tile and stone floors, vinyl / lvt and other hard flooring professionally cleaned and sealed.  

Wood Floor Sanding

Have your wooden flooring sanded and restored by Steven at Squirrel Property.  Change the colour and style.  Have the wear and tear removed with professional, dustless sanding machines.  

For Commercial Floor Sanding please visit the dedicated page.

Wooden Worktop Restoration

Have your wooden worktop restored through professional sanding.  Dustless equipment used.  The worktop is then protected with the famous Magic Oil 2K.

Squirrel Property can transform your flooring and wooden worktops.  Floor sanding of parquet, oak and other wood is carried out to a high standard.  Tile, stone and other hard flooring can be restored, deep cleaned and sealed.  Wooden worktops can be sanded back and restored.  

If you have tile or stone flooring then our cleaning and restoration service can machine clean it, then seal your flooring correctly.  Natural stone can also be diamond polished to remove scratches and leave a matte, satin or glossy surface.  This is very useful for marble, travertine and limestone.  

Wooden worktop restoration is extremely popular and saves money on replacement.  The almost dustless system ensures minimal clean up.  Solvent free and safe professional products are used. 

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"Steven transformed our birch floor, fantastic work, knows his stuff inside out and is also a really friendly guy. This is a totally different level to the results you can get from using the naff hire shop sanders. We nearly went down the hire shop route and I am so glad we didn't."
Birch Flooring Sanded
C Cunningham

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