Wooden Worktop Sanding &

The sanding of your kitchen worktops will remove the old worn finish and remove damage.  This sanding process will save you money on replacing the worktops.  All worktops are protected with Magic Oil 2K

In most instances the sanding and oiling of your kitchen worktops can be completed in one day.

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dust extraction unit m class

Dustless Equipment

Sanding equipment is connected to M-class vacuums. Ensuring clean and safe air in your home.

Magic Oil 2K

the Power of Magic

Your beautiful worktops will be protected by Magic Oil 2K. An advanced oil-based product. Fully cured in 12 hours.

Walnut Worktop Restoration

All in the detail

The finishing product enhances the natural colours and grain. Beautiful timber should be shown off.


Most frequent questions and answers

Every worktop sanding job is priced individually based on the size of the kitchen/utility area and the current condition.  However, as a guide, many worktop restoration jobs are priced at between £400 and £500.

Any clean up is kept to a minimum thanks to the sanding equipment being hooked up to a vacuum system.  The system is M class which meets the safety requirements set out by The Health and Safety Executive.

This is a great question and we understand the need to use the kitchen area as quickly as possible.  Most projects take a single day to complete.  Magic Oil 2K is fully cured in 12 hours.  In general, this is applied in the afternoon so the worktops are fully usable by the following morning.


Magic Oil 2K for hardwood floors

The maintenance is quite easy and you will be provided with a care guide.  A PH cleaner can be used for general cleaning.  Depending on how the worktops are used the care product can be applied perhaps once a year.  Magic Oil Care rejuvenates areas of wear and tear.  

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