My floor cleaning and restoration journey so far

About us style pages aren’t the easiest to write. I don’t want my family run business to sound corporate but I do want to sound professional. I believe a business journey should always be honest. Writing that you have 15 or 25 years of experience is often untrue and it shows later down the line. Honesty is always the best and the length of time running a business is not always indicative of the quality of work delivered. 

Nearly 5 years ago I started cleaning carpets and sofas.  I didn’t take to it, you might say.  At a tradeshow, I came across a tile and stone cleaning supplier.  They sold machines, chemicals, training.  Basically the whole package.  Shortly after the first local customer was booked in to restore the hallway, a Victorian geometric floor.  From there it just snowballed which was lucky as Barrow In Furness has a high number of Victorian floors.  The area was a boom town and at one point was growing faster than even Liverpool.  I discovered recently that teams of Italian tilers were brought to Barrow to lay the amazing geometric floors.  

Soon enough I was restoring all manner of tile and stone floors.  Porcelain, slate, limestone, sandstone.  If the flooring was solid then something could be done.  I made a bit of an error next and added in a fresh service to fill gaps.  I purchased an industrial SkyVac system.  This is basically an extremely powerful machine that can suck out the gunk from gutters that are 3 storeys high.  Great results but I didn’t enjoy that so removed it from the business.

The last piece of the puzzle turned out to be wood.  I paid for a wooden floor sanding course to see what it was all about.  At the end of day 3, I was convinced it would compliment the tile and stone side nicely.  However, I wasn’t ready, financially or in terms of being comfortable doing it.  During the next 12 months, I did homework on all things wood.  I was able to attend the same course a second time.  The day after an order was placed for equipment and 3 days later the first customer was booked. 

That was more than 2 years ago now and wooden floor restorations make up a large part of the business.  I also added in wooden worktop restorations which have been a great success. I believe the business has lasted this long for various reasons.  I care about the work I carry out and always do the best job possible.  I use great equipment which has been a heavy investment but worth every penny as they say.  I also don’t compromise on the quality of either tile and stone sealers used.  Using quality wooden floor lacquers and oils is extremely important.  

Honest advice is always available for past, current and non-business clients.  Finding honest information online about tile, stone or wood is difficult and confusing.  Please explore the website to get an even better feeling of the work that is carried out.  Perhaps just get in touch.  

I’m sure that my business journey is not even close to being over.  In fact, I still feel after almost 5 years that things are still just starting.  I think that keeps me pushing forward to improving my own skills and knowledge which means projects are carried out to a high standard.  

Enough about me and the business.  Get in touch and tell me about you and your project.