About Squirrel Property Services

Squirrel Property is a professional floor-care business. Steven has a bit of an obsession with wooden floor sanding, tile and stone floors. He strives to complete each project to its full potential. Hardwood floor sanding and refinishing could be described as being a craft. Hard floor cleaning is not as simple as a mop and bucket. Instead, it is a combination of experience, professional machines and knowledge.

Steven is Parkettprofi registered with Pallmann. What does that mean? When Steven finishes your flooring with Pallmann products this comes with a 2 year warranty. This means that the finish should preform as described as it will have been applied correctly. This status is not purchased. Steven earned this status by demonstrating his professionalism, quality of work and customer service standards.

A brilliant place to start on your journey with us is spending a cup of tea watching some of his project videos


Recent Flooring Blog Posts

Which Wooden Floor Finish is Best For Me?

One of the most common questions that Steven is asked at the survey stage is, what type of finish is best for my floor?

This is a really important question for a couple of reasons. The finish chosen will affect the look, feel and colour of your flooring.
It also has an impact on the durability and longevity of the flooring. In this article, you will learn more about the finishes available and discuss some pros and cons. Hopefully, this will assist you in deciding which floor finish is right for you.

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Part 2 of this DIY series dealt with some of the finishes that are available on the DIY market. This final part will discuss and show some results that I have come across. The results are not a result of effort on the user. Instead, the results are based on the limitations of the DIY equipment and finish available combined with lack of experience. Results are still produced through DIY sanding but the expectations should be lower than compared to a professional finish.

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Best Way To Clean My Tile Floor

Tiles are an extremely good choice for flooring in your home. Regardless of them being ceramic, porcelain or natural stone, they remain a firm favourite with homeowners.  As a floorcare business, I come across various problems that homeowners have when attempting to maintain the flooring.  In this article, I’ll explore some of these issues and give you honest advice.

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