Grout Haze

Thursday 10 January 2019

Does My Floor Have Grout Haze

You might have had a tile or stone floor installed and been really excited to see the finished product.  The tiler finishes up, washes down the floor and hands over the invoice.  You hand over payment and off the tiler goes to the next job.

Your new floor then dries and something just does not look right.  You are sure the sample tile in the shop looked different, but you are not 100% sure.  

A few days later you clean the floor and again it looks great.  Hang on though, again it dries and something just doesn't look right.  This time you are sure it has an almost dirty, dusty look to it.

Over the next few months it just gets worse and no matter what cleaner you try, the floor never looks clean when it has dried.

Welcome to the world of grout haze.  What is grout haze?  Well simply put, grout haze is the failure of the installer to remove the excess grout from the face of your (in the shop) lovely tiles.  


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If you have a natural stone floor then the grout haze likely will not be all over the tile face but on the edges and could be described as picture framing.

If you have called your tiler then either they will be on top of there customer service game and rectify the situation.  However, they may attempt to convince you that the tiles just look like that.  Perhaps that batches looks slightly different.  

Let me tell you, they do not just look like that, no matter how many batches are produced in the tile factory.

If you think something is not right with your tile or stone floor, or suspect it has a case of the grout haze, then call us on 01229 472 040 or email me,

I will happily talk this issue over with you and together we can solve it for you so that your flooring looks as amazing as you intended.  We carry the products, knowledge and equipment to solve your problems. 


Say goodbye to grout haze and say hello to your beautiful floor.

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