Italian Slate Floor

Sunday 12 August 2018

This Italian Slate floor was installed approximately 8 years ago at the end of an extensive restoration project by the former owner of the property.  A topical seal had been applied again and again over this period.  The natural look of the slate was no longer visible.  The customer wished for this to be removed and the slate and grout lines deep cleaned.



We used our new water-based stripper which was sprayed down and left to dwell for a period of time.  Our Italian Conan floor machine was then powered up in combination with a diamond impregnated brush head to effectively remove the softened sealant.


Video of our Conna floor machine in action


Following this process, the entire floor is thoroughly rinsed to ensure that as much sealant residue is removed as possible.  This process took a couple of days and involved quite a bit of manual work involving hand brushes.  The slate is riven so lots of nook and crannies that the layers of sealant had built up in.  You can see from the photo below the massive change in the slate when the sealant was being removed.


A photo showing the difference in the floor


After the sealant was stripped off the floor was the machine cleaned with a neutral cleaner to neutralise the PH levels which is important after using such a strong stripper.  The floor was then left to dry out for a few days.  I then returned to apply a premium impregnating sealant to the slate floor.  Impregnating sealants are superior to topical (surface) sealants as they soak in and protect the stone from just beneath the surface.  They leave no film on the surface which generally makes the stone look artificial.  This particular slate was imported by the previous owner of the property.  It was a shame that it was covered up by such a product.  However, the work I carried out was more than worth it to see the end result.


After photo of the slate stripped, cleaned and sealed

After photo of the Italian slate


The amazing customer was very happy with the floor and was amazed at how truly beautiful the Italian slate actually is.  I was privileged to be able to work on such beautiful stone and look forward to returning to carry out maintenance cleaning of the floor.






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