The Puzzle of Sealants

Friday 18 May 2018

Tile and Stone Floor Sealants


Earlier this week a booking came in from a customer who has a lovely travertine floor.  The customer lets me know that she still has 2 bottles of the original sealant used.  Unfortunately, the sealant is around 10 years old so would not work.  It got me thinking about sealants and how I wanted to share a few things with you.

Sealants vary in quality like any other product with some lasting only several months, some lasting a few years and some potentially lasting up to 10 years.  The main indicator is usually price as the better quality sealants will usually cost more than the average off the shelf product.  If you are currently having a tile or stone floor installed and the installer is sealing the floor for you, have you asked questions about what product is being used?  If you have not asked the question then I would advise that you do.  The correct and good quality product will lower the amount of time that you have to spend maintaining the floor while keeping the floor looking at its best.  Some further questions to ask the installer would be;

  • How long approximately will the sealant last?
  • Is the sealant water based or solvent?
  • Is the sealant an impregnating product or a topical sealant? (Topical meaning that it creates a layer on top of the tile surface rather than protecting from within.
  • Can the sealant be topped up going forward or will it have to be stripped from the floor once it has either worn down or failed?
  • Can the installer provide you with a care guide so you have the correct instructions on how to maintain the floor (your investment) and what products to use?


If you need help or the installer has failed to satisfy you with their answers then you can always get in touch with either myself Nicola. You can contact us on 01229 472 040 or email us at and


Remember if the floor was sealed more than a few years ago then I would suggest that the floor be deep cleaned and any sealant reapplied to ensure your tile and stone is properly protected.


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