Which carpet, wool or polypropylene?

Tuesday 09 January 2018

The single biggest issue we come across when cleaning carpets are pile crush.  This is where the individual fibres have been crushed down through consistent foot traffic.  Common areas in the household are the first 4 steps on stairs and just in front of sofas and chairs where feet are placed for extended periods of time.

Modern polypropylene carpets are of a much higher quality than in the past.  However because there is such a variety in quality, it can lead to the same problem.  I have been in countless properties and been told that the salesperson told them that this particular polypropylene carpet was for stairs.  In contrast, I have been in properties where the stairs have a wool carpet that has lasted 15 years and with the right carpet cleaning products, can look as close to new as possible.

The cost of both is something to bear in mind as a quality wool carpet will cost significantly more than a polypropylene carpet.  This cost though is offset against the longevity of the wool carpet. 

I read frequently that a polypropylene carpet is far easier to keep clean than wool.  This is dependent on how you use the carpet, and how it is maintained.  It is true that stain removal from a non-professional perspective can be easier with polypropylene.  This is because the fibres are in a basic form, just plastic, and plastic is easy to clean and robust enough that it is fairly difficult to damage it.  A high PH product will in most cases do no damage, whereas on a natural fibre, will likely cause damage if the fibre PH is not balanced out afterwards.

The feel of the carpet and how soft it is I guess a personal choice.  Polypropylene carpets of reasonable quality will normally be softer, to begin with.  After a period of usage, as pile crush enables, you will notice the softness goes.  With the wool carpets, they can feel a bit harsh on the old bare feet, to begin with.  However, the feel of them will remain largely the same as the time goes on. 

In November 2017 just outside of Barrow In Furness I cleaned carpets in a house that were a lovely 80 Wool Wilton.  The carpets were about 15 years old and were treated with an extremely high-quality dry compound.  Following the clean, the customer commented that the colours had come back to the carpet.  The carpet had been maintained nicely and despite the age, it looked no more than a couple of years old at best.

In the coming months, I will write more regarding carpet choices to enable you to hopefully make more of an informed decision when purchasing new carpets.  There are some shops that will give out accurate advice.  It is my experience that many salespeople earn commission on sales and so do not always give out the fullest of information. I will also in another blog post be explaining the benefits of polypropylene carpets as there are many for the right situation and needs of the user.

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