How to clean and maintain your tile or stone floor

Saturday 09 June 2018

One of the first questions I will ask when I visit to see your floor is how do you clean it?  The most common answers are;


A steam mop

I use just bleach

I use just hot water

*** tile damaged through the usage of bleach***

Usually, I am then told that no matter how the floor is cleaned it never gets cleaner! All three methods tend to be wrong in most situations.  The steam mop has a place but I would reserve that for flat surfaces such as vinyl or laminate flooring. If the floor is tiled and has grout lines then a great deal of soiling is pushed into the grout lines.  Over time the colour of the grout changes.

Bleach is certainly a product I would not recommend for use on your tile or stone floor.  If a sealant has been applied then the bleach will eat away at it and the floor will become vulnerable again to staining.  Further, if bleach is used on acid sensitive stone such as limestone then it will likely etch the stone. The solution then will require the stone to be restored using diamond pads.

I recently visited a house with Indian limestone that was a few years old.  The installer had advised the lady to clean with only hot water. The result is now that the stone has become very dirty and now requires a full restoration that will include a deep clean, diamond polishing and sealing of the stone.  This customer will then be provided with a personalised maintenance plan.


The best tool that you can have to keep tile and stone flooring clean is a quality flat headed microfibre mop.  I highly recommend the E-Cloth which can be purchased from various outlets including Lakeland.  You will be very surprised at how much dust, grime and soiling is collected through dry mopping alone. Go on and ditch that old stringy mop and bucket and turn cleaning your floor into a quick daily task rather than a chore to be avoided.  

I would then recommend that the floor is wet cleaned every 10 to 14 days depending on how much traffic it gets.  Always use a PH Neutral cleaner which will not attack the sealant on the tile or stone. There are many supermarket products that will over time eat away at the sealant.  Premium sealants will last up to 5 years and you do not want to shorten that time through a bad supermarket purchase. You can purchase different cleaners directly by contacting Squirrel Property or you can search online for one.  This is a high-quality cleaner that can be purchased that will be safe for you to use.


It is that simple to keep your tile, stone, Karndean and Amtico flooring clean and protected.  In the next blog post I will discuss some more differences in sealants and how using the incorrect sealant can have devastating consequences for the tile, stone and even the joists under your house.


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