Kitchen Worktop Restorations

Can your wooden worktop be restored?

Worktop restoration is the best way to save you replacing your kitchen worktops.  Treated correctly and with a little care wooden worktops will likely outlast the rest of the kitchen.

Wooden worktop sanding and restoration

Take a look at this previous worktop project

wooden worktop sanding before restoration
Kitchen worktop sanding then oiled with Magic Oil 2K

As you can see from above your wooden worktops can be restored back to looking as good as new.  99.99% of the time all damage is removed.  On some occasions old water damage that been allowed to soak in over and over can cause damage that is too deep to remove.  I favour Magic Oil 2K as the finishing product.  This is an advanced penetrating product that cures fully in just 12 hours.  For most projects this means the client can the kitchen back to normal the following morning after my visit.

What Is Magic Oil 2K?

This product is an advanced penetrating 2K product.  The 2K equals 2 parts.  Part B allows the product to cure in just 12 hours (fastest time for any oil product).  It also helps to create a highly water and chemical resistant finish.

It is also solvent free and almost V.O.C free with just 5g per 1000g of product.  This means no headaches or solvent smells in your home compared to traditional hardwax oils. 

I use Magic Oil 2K on all my worktop sanding projects

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Most frequent questions and answers

Every worktop sanding job is priced individually based on the size of the kitchen/utility area and the current condition.  However, as a guide, many worktop restoration jobs are priced at between £400 and £500.

Any clean up is kept to a minimum thanks to the sanding equipment being hooked up to a vacuum system.  The system is M class which meets the safety requirements set out by The Health and Safety Executive.

This is a great question and we understand the need to use the kitchen area as quickly as possible.  Most projects take a single day to complete.  Magic Oil 2K is fully cured in 12 hours.  In general, this is applied in the afternoon so the worktops are fully usable by the following morning.


Magic Oil 2K for hardwood floors

The maintenance is quite easy and you will be provided with a care guide.  A PH cleaner can be used for general cleaning.  Depending on how the worktops are used the care product can be applied perhaps once a year.  Magic Oil Care rejuvenates areas of wear and tear.  


If emailing you can include photos of the worktops which will help in producing a price for the project.

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Worktop restoration is the best way to save you replacing your kitchen worktops.  Treated correctly and with a little care wooden worktops will likely outlast the rest of the kitchen.

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