5 reasons to have your tiles cleaned

Give the floor tiles a makeover


Do you remember the original colour of your floor tiles? Years of grime and soiling can build up which hides the original beauty that you paid for. The grout can go a darker colour as grime and oils stain it. A professional machine clean will remove the years of grime and clean the grout lines. Far cheaper than replacing the tiles and you get that just new floor feeling again.

slate floor tile cleaning
slate tile floor cleaning

Longevity of the tiles


Dirty tiles aren’t just ugly. The dirtier the grout gets the quicker it can deteriorate and break down. Lack of sealant in the tiles can lead to moisture issues that cause cracking or spalling tiles. A professional tile cleaning service will work hard on the dirty and grime, but be gentle on the tiles.



Tile can get in such a sorry state that mould can grow in the grout and even in the floor tiles. Mould is something you can breathe in and can lead to all sorts of health issues from cold-like symptoms to other respiratory issues. This mould can spread from the kitchen or bathroom area to others parts of your home. A professional tile and grout clean will help to solve this issue. I even carry a product that can be used to sanitise flooring areas. It helps to kill bacteria, fungus, mould and viruses including Hepatitis and HIV.

Yorkshire Sandstone cleaning in Ulverston
Sandstone tile cleaning in Ulverston

Save time and money


Your time is very valuable so let me do the hard work for you. I’ve got professional machines, cleaning solutions and experience. Having your tile or stone floor professionally cleaned will extend the life of the floor. That means extending how long it will be before you need to think about replacing the tile or stone floor. That cost is high. The cost of a professional clean is much more affordable.  For day to day cleaning tips then see this blog post on the best way to clean your floor tiles

Prevent more problems


The service you get from me doesn’t end with the deep machine clean. To prevent the same issues in the future I will seal the tile or stone floor correctly. These invisible sealants bond inside the tile. This makes cleaning much easier going forward. The tiles are protected with stain-resistant sealant. If you have natural stone tiles the colour can be enhanced with the Colour Intensifier sealant. I tend to use Dry-Treat sealants which should provide between 10 and 20 years of protection for you.



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