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Here at Squirrel, we are always excited at the prospect of sanding and finishing wooden flooring.  In fact, wooden flooring may be our favourite surface to work on.  We find that the transformation is something special and using Pallmann products means your flooring becomes truly unique.  These are some of the most common wooden flooring species that you will find;


🔴 Oak.  Perhaps the most versatile wood used for flooring.  It responds very well to staining and a good quality oak floor will last decades. 

🔴 Pine. Not as hard-wearing as oak for flooring, but still very popular due to the golden colours that can be achieved or choose to keep it raw.  Small dents etc age well with the wood.  It can also be stained.

🔴 Maple.  Commonly found in churches and church halls plus it is used widely in school flooring.

🔴 Parquet.  This flooring comes in many designs including the popular herringbone, basketweave and chevron.  It looks incredible when finished.  Many types such as oak can be stained and finished.


Will My Home Be Covered In Dust???


The biggest concern about the prospect of floor sanding in your home or business is the dust and how much will there be?  We utilise a top of the range sander from Pallmann, The Cobra II which enables for a near dustless sanding process.  For our edging machine, we hook this up to a dustless extraction system.  This ensures that the air is kept clean within your home.  It also means minimal cleanup.  Speaking to prospective clients they all have images of dust being created that fills rooms.  This can be true of rental sanders which are a different type of machine.  Most customers comment on the surprising lack of mess created by the sanding process.


If you have a wooden floor in your home or business then get in touch today.  We will come out to survey the floor and discuss all your requirements.  


Are you having issues with your wooden flooring or do you just want a fresh look?  Get in touch and an appointment can be arranged for Steven to visit you.

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