Cleaning The Floor Is Easy Work

damaged oak wood floor

Still Cleaning with A Mop and Bucket

A mop and bucket sound like a straightforward idea and for some flooring, it is perfectly fine. Slate flooring, limestone and other tiles. Not a good idea for wooden flooring. Wood does not like water and a bucket and mop is an easy way to over-wet your wooden flooring. Over-wetting can cause some big issues over time. Especially issues like cupping and other movements in the flooring.

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Cupping is where the edges of your wooden flooring will be higher than the middle. I see this on many floors before the restoration process. You can see this in the image above. The client has been using a mop and bucket for a prolonged period of time. If you have a parquet floor then the water will get into the floor and loosen the old bitumen adhesive. Then you will notice blocks becoming loose. The mop heads aren’t designed to be cleaned and I find they are not changed for new regularly enough. The answer?

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A flat-headed microfiber mop. These are available in a spray mop form or you can use a spray bottle. The real benefit of this is the ability to control how much cleaner you are using. Less is more when cleaning wooden floors. Daily the floor should be swept with a soft brush or using the microfiber mop. These mop heads can be machine washed which makes them a good value solution. An added benefit of microfiber is that they are antibacterial in design. As previously discussed, it is vital to use a PH neutral cleaner. Keeping your flooring clean should not be a task. If you need advice

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damaged oak wood floor

Cleaning The Floor Is Easy Work

Still Cleaning with A Mop and Bucket A mop and bucket sound like a straightforward idea and for some flooring, it is perfectly fine. Slate

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