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How wood flooring looks and feels.

Wood flooring is natural and should feel that way.  Unlike Luxury Vinyl Flooring (PVC) wood flooring doesn’t feel plastic.  All our wood flooring is supplied with an oil finish.  This creates a naturally warm surface to walk on.  It won’t have the plastic look.  Instead your wood floor will look elegant and authentic. 

Wood floors and your health.

Wood flooring won’t attract dust mites or other allergy causing issues.  This will minimize the risk if you or your family suffer form allergies.  Importantly unlike Luxury Vinyl Flooring (PVC) you won’t have a high level of chemicals off gassing into your home.  When chemicals off gassing they pollute the air that you need to breathe in your home.  Off gassing from plastic products can last from months to years.  You can’t control the air quality outside of your home.  You can make deliberate choices of what flooring to use that will make a difference inside your home.

Durability and how long will my wood floor last.

Your wood floor should last a lifetime with some practical and simple maintenance.  However if you decide you want to change the style of your flooring or it gets badly damaged then you still do not need to replace.  Your wood flooring can be sanded and refinished in almost any style that you would want.  Again refurbishment of wood flooring produces 78% less carbon than replacing with new flooring.  Luxury Vinyl Flooring is popular but it is plastic flooring.  Not sustainable or environmentally friendly.  If you want to change the look then you simply cannot do that with LVT flooring.  If for some reason you struggle to maintain your wood floor, simply call us in to machine clean it for you and apply any maintenance products. 

Low maintenance wood flooring.

There is a myth that wood floors are tough to keep clean and maintenance takes too much time.  This can put busy people off choosing wooden flooring.  The reality of wooden floor maintenance is quite different, or at least it can be.  Start with a good quality microfiber flat mop and some PH neutral wood cleaner.  Regularly dry mop the wood floor to remove dust etc which dulls the finish.  Maybe one or twice a week wet clean it.  Just a light misting of the cleaner will do the trick.  For a full breakdown of easy cleaning read our wood floor cleaning guide.  For oil finishes apply a maintenance product a couple of times a year.

Helps keep rooms warm or cool.

Wood is a natural material that is great at keeping heat in during winter and for keeping rooms cooler in the summer time.  In the USA you will always see homes in the warm climates with wood floors in most of a home for this very reason.  In colder regions they are extremely popular for absorbing heat.  You won’t find these heating and cooling functions in porcelain tiles or Luxury Vinyl Flooring (PVC).

Value and investment for your home.

Your wood flooring should be seen as investment in your home.  There is research to indicate that homes with wood flooring sell quicker and for a higher value.  One aspect is the refinishing option.  A new home buyer doesn’t need to spend a significant amount of cash replacing flooring if they don’t like the style or colour.  They can simply have us sand and refinish it to suit the style they want for the house. 

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